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4 min readApr 5, 2021


Welcome to the Dark Matter Artist Series, our documentation into the world of digital assets and art. As a blockchain agnostic builders group creating Nft dapps it has been exciting to watch the art scene flourish. As a collector of these pieces we want to explore the roles Artists, Collectors and Builders play in this digital art explosion, we plan to do this with a series of publications, podcasts and written interviews with those operating within the scene.

Today’s post we will cover artists who replied to our tweet on Friday 2 April. On the hashtag #NFTCommunity .

We had such a great response from our Friday tweet and with limited space there are only so many we can mention. Please visit the tweet to explore some of the other submissions: https://twitter.com/darkmattertoken/status/1377959022079455237

The MillionPixels.io community decided upon Hecks (@Pedro_Heck_ ) contribution from his SciFauna series as its winner, namely the toucan.

Highlighting the image with the cursor will display the artworks url

Since we had so many submissions we thought we would do an honorary mention of some of the other contenders.

(Please note all comments are made by an individual and their subjective opinion, they do not reflect the thoughts and feelings of Dark Matter as a whole. This is not Art advice)

Artist Series # 1

Title: The Toucan
Type: 2D Digital
Artist: Heck

Heck @Pedro_heck_ combines 2D artistry with nature and science to produce his elegant pieces. Hecks offering on our post was the first of their SciFauna collection namely, the Toucan. A vibrant bird atop a backdrop of formula for things such as: equations of lift and flight; the chemical composition of a toucan’s beak and a graph of its velocity over flight time.

Title: Lepus Harvest Moon
Type: Animation
Artist: Smoltog

Isabel Malia @smoltog showed us an animated creature (animated frame by frame) from her eco-nuculer selection, namely the Lepus Harvest Moon. A rabbit with the inherited ability of bloom, signifying ecological recovery and succession after nuclear fallout.

Title: Color blocks
Type: Photography
Artist: Daria Kepikova

Daria Klepikova @klepikovadaria demonstrated the art of photography with her submission “Colour Blocks” . A piece that questions the viewer if it is photography due to its vibrant colours and symmetrical alignments. Incapsulating the importance of frame, composition and setting.

Title: Echos
Audio Visual
Artist: K1ra

Echos by @k1ra : An audio visual piece that would not be out of place in a late 90s Tool video. The audio, a modern version of concrète, accompanied by the monotone palette lends itself to the setting of the experiment involving a spontaneous encounter with the unconscious through imagination.

Series: Movie Covers
Type: Pixel Art Collection
Artist: CryptoKtulu

NFT Ktulu @CryptoKtulu: Showed us their Pixelated Movie covers (1/1 run of 15), we especially liked the Akira cover in how it was able to display the subject matter in pixelated form.

Series: Waifumon
Type: Pixel Art Collection
Artist: Waifumons

@NFTWaifuMons Introduced us to Waifumon cosplayers; which are too cute for battle, and are only fit for your love and affection! After all, each is beautiful no matter how capable of fighting they are.

Name: Support an Artist NFT
Body art/ Experimental
Artist: PolyAnnie

PolyAnnie; A body and experimental artist that challenges a collector’s intentions by their honest exposition. The piece self describes itself as a non-rare collectable and is intended to act as a subscription model, inviting collectors to on-chain sign their support. Questioning the collectors intentions between self fulfilled enjoyment or collaborative enjoyment.

Name: Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Type: Single Line Drawing
Artist: Wanksy

The seminal hanging gardens of Babylon by Wanksy, taking the universally accepted art of single line male genitalia representation and creating captivating pieces for high brow consumption. Always a popular conversation starter to be enjoyed in anyone’s collection.



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